Real Buttered Popcorn

Makes 4 to 6 servings

Time: about 10 minutes

Microwave popcorn is not bad, but is doesn't compare to the real thing, which doesn't take much longer. And with real popcorn, if you want butter flavor, you can add butter, rather than artificially butter-flavored oil. To make cheese popcorn, sprinkle the hot popcorn with finely grated Cheddar, Parmesan, or other hard cheese and toss. Or toss with any seasoning you like.

2 T canola or other neutral oil

� C popping corn

4 T (1/2 stick) butter (optional)

Salt to taste

  1. Place the oil in the bottom of a large, deep saucepan (6 quarts or
  so) that can later be covered and turn the heat to medium.  Add 3
  kernels of corn and cover.
  2. When the 3 kernels pop, remove the cover and add the remaining
  corn.  Cover and shake the pot, holding the lid on as you do so.  Cook,
  shaking the pot occasionally, until the popping sound stops, about 5
  minutes.  Meanwhile, melt the butter if you choose to use it.
  3. Turn the popcorn into a large bowl, drizzle with the butter, and
  sprinkle with salt.  Serve immediately if possible; popcorn is best
  when hot.

Cookbook: How to Cook Everything

Author: By Mark Bittman Typed by: Susan

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