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Reblochon is a French cheese from the Alps region of Savoie and has been granted the AOC title. Reblochon was first produced in the Thônes and Val d'Arly valleys of the massif des Aravis.

The name "Reblochon" stems from the word "reblocher", which roughly translates into "to milk again" or in the Savoyard dialect, "reblessa", which translates as "to steal, swipe or engage in thievery". This etymology is fitting considering the history behind this cheese. In the 16th century, the region's farmers would pay rent and taxes with milk, cheese, or butter. Some farmers would allegedly milk the cows dry in order to be able to pay their landholders. However, the farmers would then return to milk the herd again at night for their own consumption. This second milking provided rich, high-butterfat milk used for creating creamy, flavourful cheeses.

Reblochon is a soft washed-rind cheese made from raw cow's milk. The cow breeds best for producing the milk needed for this cheese are the Abondance, Tarentaise and the Montbéliarde. Produced from the day's second milking, this cheese measures 14cm across and 3–4cm thick, has a soft centre with a washed rind and weighs an average of 450g. As proof of its being well-aged in an airy cellar, the rind of this cheese is covered with a fine white mould. The optimal period to savour this cheese is between May and September after it has been aged six to eight weeks. It is also excellent from March to December.

Reblochon has a nutty taste that remains in mouth after its soft and uniform centre has been enjoyed. It is an essential ingredient of tartiflette, a Savoyard gratin made from potatoes, cream, onions, and bacon.

In 2002, 17.4 million kilograms of Reblochon were produced.

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