Dduk bbok ki

This is Ddcuk Bbok Ki :)

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: About 20 minutes

Yields: Dduck Bbok Ki

Description Edit

We don't know how Dduck Bbok Ki's made at the first time, but It made by famous cooky. We have two kinds of Dduck Bbok Ki, first one is what we are going to make, and the second one is made of soy sauce instead of Korean's hot pepper sauce. Because of one grandma started to sell this, it became popular in Korea. One of good thing is, it doesn't take a long time to make even it's really delicious. I think this food is one of delicious food in Korea. If you want, you can put some noodles also. It depends on you.

Ingredients Edit

You have to prepare: - One pack of rice cake (500g) 떡 - 2 pieces of cabbages 양배추 - ¼ of onion 양파 - ¼ of carrot 당근 - Water 500~600ml 물 - Spicy sauce 매운소스(고추장) - Three piece of fish jelly 어묵

== Directions ==

1. ☞ cut carrot and onion into small pieces. ☞ 당근이랑 양파를 잘라주세요 2. ☞ Cut also cabbage and fish jelly same as the picture ☞ 채소를 잘라주세요 3. ☞ This is the spicy sauce that only can buy in Korean store. If you are not good at eating spicy things, you can put only some. (Depend on you) ☞ 고추장을 준비해주세요 4. ☞ Put water into frying pan, and after, you put spicy sauce, or you can put spicy sauce first and later you can put water. ☞ 후라이팬에 소스를 넣어주세요 5. ☞ After, its boiling, you need to put carrots and fish jelly and boil it for 2 min ☞다 끓인후, 채소를 넣어야됩니다, 당근이랑 어묵을 이제 넣어주세요 6. ☞ Put onions and boil it for 2 min ☞ (You must put vegetables first) ☞ 양파를 넣고 이분간 끓여주세요 7. ☞After you feel like it’s okay to put some rice cake, put some rice cakes and boil it for 2 min again(Better, you shake them) ☞채소가 다 익은것 같으면 이제 떡을 넣어도 좋습니다, 떡을 넣은 후, 잘 저어주세요(2분) 8. ☞ This is the final ‘Dduck bok ki’. ☞ 이게 바로 한국의 떡볶이 입니다

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