Have you ever wanted to be an Admin? Maybe you are already an admin and you are looking to adopt a new wikia! are in luck! Here is a current list of wikias that either have no admins or wikias that only have 1 or 2 (that are looking to expand).

If you would like to adopt a wikia:

  1. Make 50-100 edits on the wikia you choose. We want to see productive edits!
  2. Message ASnow89 and explain your interest in the wikia.

Wikias to Adopt[edit source]

  1. Diet Wikia
  2. Japanese Recipes
  3. BBQ Recipes
  4. Gluten Free Recipes
  5. Dessert Wikia
  6. Colombian Recipes Wikia
  7. Slow Food Recipes

Do you know of a wikia that is up for adoption? Message Asnow89!

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