Redleaf lettuce

Red-leaf lettuce

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Lettuce is a common name for members belonging to herbaceous genus of the composite family. It usually grows in temperate regions like North America or Eurasia. The flowers produce fruits called achenes and they borne in panicled heads. Lettuce is a member of the genus Lactuca, of the family Asteraceae. Red leaf lettuce is one of hundreds of varieties of lettuce grown all over the planet, and it has a mild, watery flavour and soft, buttery leaves tinged with red. Healthy and fresh red leaf lettuce has crisp, blemish-free leaves and no signs of browning or wilting. In order to remain fresh for three days, it should be refrigerated in a plastic bag. Red leaf lettuce is available all year long, being at its peak from mid-winter to early spring. Regarding the nutritional values, red leaf lettuce contains calories, protein, carbohydrate, and fibre, being also a real source of vitamin A. Red leaf lettuce has to be washed before being used, and then drained with paper towel to remove any excess moisture, or dried in a salad spinner. It can be tossed with other salad greens, or stuffed with hummus and then rolled up for a light lunch.

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