Red bananas

Description Edit

Red bananas are smaller in size than a common banana and the peel is a deep red or purple. It has a creamy white to pink flesh, with a slight raspberry-banana flavor. The overall taste is similar to a common yellow banana. They are imported from Costa Rica and are a favorite in Central America.

Selection Edit

Select firm bananas free from bruises or cracks in the peel and look for a deep purple color. This indicates the banana is ripe. If the color of the peel is lighter, the banana is not ripe. As with common yellow bananas, red bananas will ripen in a couple of days at room temperature. Red bananas are available year round at specialty markets and larger supermarkets.

Storage Edit

Store bananas at room temperature, do not refrigerate. Turn bananas occasionally and store them in an uncovered location.

Preparation Edit

Peel fruit prior to eating. Red bananas are used in similar ways as common yellow bananas. They are most frequently eaten whole raw or chopped and added to desserts or fruit salads. Red bananas are one of varieties commonly used for store bought dried bananas.

Source Edit

  • Exotic Winter Fruit by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public domain government resource—original source of recipe
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