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About Red Gurnard[edit | edit source]

The Latin version for Red Gurnard is Chelidonichthys kumu and it has other names such as kumukumu, puuwhaiau, latchet, and grondin rouget. The Red Gurnard has a bony head, and a blunt snout which lacks spines. As far the body is concerned, it is covered with very small cycloid scales and along the bases of both dorsal fins they have a row of enlarged scales that form thorn-like bucklers. The body has scattered red-brown blotches and it can reach a length of 50 cm. This species can be found down to a depth of almost 200 meters, living in temperate marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific. As for Australia, it occurs from southern Queensland, around the southern part of the country and north to the central coast of Western Australia. This fish is also widespread around New Zealand on sand and sandy shell seabeds to a depth of 150 meters, and it can live almost 16 years.

Gurnard Recipes[edit | edit source]

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