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About Red Mullet Edit

Red Mullet is a fish that has a seize of 20-40 cm, whose scientific name is Mullus surmuletus. It has an elongated body with lateral compression and two long mobile barbels on the chin of the lower jaw. The eyes of this fish can be seen in the top third of the head. The tail fin is deeply forked. It also has easily detached large scales on its head and body. The colour of this fish can change and this fact depends upon the time of day, stress, condition of the fish and so on. Anyway, it has a pink or reddish coloration, with 3 or 4 yellow stripes, and a white belly. Generally this species can be seen over sands and muds in small shoals and, during summer months, in inshore waters. Nevertheless, it is to be found in offshore, as well, and especially throughout the waters from United Kingdom. It prefers crustaceans, molluscs, worms, as well as small fish.

Mullet Recipes Edit

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