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Red mustard is a colourful plant measuring eighteen inches in height. The most common varieties that can be found in the United States have oval leaves with scalloped or frilled edges. The leaves of this lovely emerald coloured green have shades of red and burgundy. While the plant itself is crinkly in texture and slightly fuzzy, its flavour is quite bold and thought to be the most robust of the bitter greens. Another important feature is that it has a very spicy taste. It should also be known that mustard greens are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and potassium, but they are low in calories, providing healthy eating without any abundance of calories. It can be served with cooked chicken, smoked fish or ham. It is recommended to be used within two or three days and to be refrigerated in plastic bags. Mustard greens should not be cooked in aluminum or iron pans, in order to prevent darkening. Another important aspect which should be taken into account is that red mustard greens will have a more intense flavour if they are picked in the heat of summer.

Red Mustard

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