Savour fish that is grilled to perfection! Have a bite into the flaky and juicy meat and taste the flavours of the tropics while you are at home. Below is the recipe for an amazing grilled fish dish created by chefs at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino.


·         Red Snapper Fish                     1 medium sized

·         Virgin Olive Oil                          ½ Cup (for marinating)

·         Sunflower Oil                            ½ Cup (for marinating)

·         Fresh Celery Stick                     1 (Chopped)

·         Fresh Parsley                            1 Bunch (Chopped)

·         Fresh Thyme                             1 Bunch (Chopped)

·         Fresh Coriander Leaves             1 Bunch

·         Fresh Local Green Chilies          5 pieces

·         Fresh Bilembi                            4 (Chopped)

·         Ginger                                      1 inch (Crushed)

·         Garlic                                        1 Pod (Crushed)

·         Onion                                       2 Big (thinly sliced)

·         Fresh Tomatoes                        3 Medium

·         Fresh Bay Leaves                      5 (cut into julienne)

·         Lemon Juice                             2 Table spoon


1.     Clean and remove scales and other impurities of the red snapper fish thoroughly. Apply some fresh lemon juice and salt.

2.     Cut at a slanted angle and fill the fish with the marinating ingredients.

3.     Add all the ingredients to the Red Snapper.

4.     Prepare the Grill with natural charcoal and place it directly over a low flame.

5.     From time to tome keep on adding the marinating ingredients of the fish to keep it moist.

6.     When thoroughly cooked, serve with steamed Basmati rice and green papaya chutney.

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