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Reed avocado

Avocados (Persea Americana) is the tree and the fruit from the flowering plant family, with origins in Central America and Mexico. The reed avocado is smaller in size and it has a very intense green color and orange-like surface. Reed avocados grow abundantly in warm climates and when they are ripe, they get a gold flesh and a delicate, sweet and nutty flavor. The reed avocado is high in A and C vitamins and as well in important anti-oxidants that protect the human cells.

Avocados, including the reed avocados have multiple uses in various regional cuisines: in Mexico, the avocados are eaten in dips and salsas, like the famous guacamole; in the Asian cuisine, the avocados are consumed with sushi and in Brazil, the locals eat the avocado in milkshakes, ice-creams and various other desserts. Still, one of the most popular usages of the fruit is avocado with chicken. Avocados are also used in sandwiches and salads, as they have a perfectly adaptable taste, which goes both with vegetarian and animal products.

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