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I didn't measure, but I used perhaps half a cup, maybe as much as a cup, total, just enough to moisten everything. I let it sit in the refrigerator all day, to let the flavors mix. I don't know how many people it served — it filled a large bowl-- but there wasn't any left over after the potluck (and while I was glad that everyone liked it, I was sorry not to have some to take home).

  • Fatfree digest [volume 10 issue 49], Sept. 21994

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  1. Cook grains separately, in 2 cups water, until done, 45 minutes or less.
  2. Combine with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, basil and mint.
  3. For the dressing, I used a prepared nonfat tomato-herb dressing mixed about half and half with red wine vinegar because I generally find prepared nonfat dressings too thick and too sweet for my taste.
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