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  • Piedmont rice

About Risotto rice Edit

Risotto comes from the Italian word for rice, riso, and refers to a meticulous rice-cooking method. Naturally, risotto is made with Arborio rice, short-grained white rice with a very unique class. When simmered slowly and stirred while cooking, it liberates good quality quantities of starch that provide a creamy surface as a replacement for diverse rice grains. There are two principle types of risotto rice like Arborio which is the risotto rice most usually obtainable external Italy. It has high starch content so it condenses and holds together beautifully while still retaining bite in the middle. It makes the most consistent type of risotto, producing creamy, evenly cooked grains. Like other rice’s, Arborio is a member of the grass family. What differentiates it is a higher than normal amount of soluble starch that is released during cooking. The starch is what creates a risotto creamy. Important risotto rice might be Carnaroli rice which is also known as the king of rice and has long elegant grains and it’s the best choice for simple, refined risottos such as saffron or white truffle.

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