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The roach fish belongs to the Cyprinidae family and it is a rather small fresh water and brackish water fish. It can be found in most European and Asian waters. Typically the roach is a small fish that reaches 35 cm long, sometimes even a little over 40, and it weighs up to 1 kg. The roach is a very common fish and its flesh is very much enjoyed by people all over the world. One of the special features of the roach fish is that it has an elongated tailfin and silver scales. The roach is a bony fish and it is classified as a chordate because its notochord that can only be seen at the embryos. The roach is also a vertebrate because it has a spinal column. This fish is a very good example of chordates that adapt to watery environments that are characterized by high buoyancy, low oxygen content and also floating food. And it's quite tasty

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