Roast Pork Calypso

Score Top, Fatty Part of Roast With Sharp Knife in Diamond Pattern. in Small Bowl, Combine ginger, salt, Cloves, pepper, garlic And bay leaf. Rub Mixture Over Top of Roast.Bring Roast to Room Temperature. Place Roast, Fatty Side Up, in Baking Dish With chicken broth And 2/3 Cup Tia Maria. Roast in 375 Oven For 1 1/2 to 2 Hours, Basting Often. Allow 30 Minutes Per Pound of Meat. During Last 20 Minutes of Roasting, Spread Tia Maria/Brown sugar Mixture Over Top of Roast. Continue Roasting And Basking Until Meat Thermometer Reads 155 to 160. Tent Roast With Foil if sugar Begins to Brown. Let Roast Stand 10 Minutes Before Carving. to Make Sauce: Skim Fat From Roasting Liquid. Measure Liquid. Add water to Make 1 1/2 Cups. Bring Liquid And cornstarch to Boil in Small Pan Over Medium Heat. Adjusts Seasonings to Taste. Serve Over Sliced Pork.

Makes 4 to 6 Servings.

Gilding The Lily: Serve The Roast With black beans, Yellow rice And a lettuce And tomato Salad. Drink Jamaican beer With The meal And Sip a Tia Maria Afterward.Tia Maria, The Liqueur Based on Premium Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, Has Been Produced in The Caribbean For Over Three Hundred Years. Though it May be Best Enjoyed Sipped From a Small Glass While Sitting on The Fantail of a Large Yacht Cruising The Islands, Like Plain coffee Tia Maria Can Also Add Its Complex Flavor to a savory Entree, as it Does Here. Jamaica is Also Famous For Its ginger, And This Recipe Includes Plenty.

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