Roast Sticky Chicken

in a Small Bowl, Thoroughly Combine All The Spices. RemoveGiblets From Chicken; Clean The Cavity Well And Pat Dry WithPaper Towels. Rub The Spice Mixture Into The Chicken, BothInside And Out, Making Sure it is Evenly Distributed And DownDeep Into The Skin. Place in a Resealable Plastic Bag, Seal AndRefrigerate 6 Hours to Overnight.

When Ready to Roast Chicken, Stuff Cavity With onions,and Placein a Shallow Baking Pan. Roast, Uncovered, at 250 Degrees For 5Hours (yes, 250 Degrees For 5 Hours). After The First Hour,Baste Chicken Occasionally (every Half Hour or So) With PanJuices. The Pan Juices Will Start to Caramelize on The Bottomof Pan And The Chicken Will Turn Golden Brown. if The ChickenContains a Pop-Up Thermometer, Ignore It.

Let The Chicken Rest About 10 Minutes Before Carving.


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