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Roasting a chicken is a simple and easy way of cooking the bird and provides an extremely tasty meal, or number of meals. Leftovers can be turned into salads, soups or sandwiches and even the carcass and bones won't go to waste, as they can be used to prepare a delicious homemade stock or gravy.

Fresh chickens, as opposed to frozen ones are probably best to prepare, as they will be more flavorsome, but either will do.

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Culinary directory of recipes for cooking roasted chicken.

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Before handling the raw poultry, make certain that you have washed your hands with soap and hot water and that you prepare the meat using clean utensils and spotless surfaces.

Raw poultry and the poultry juices can easily contaminate other foods, so it is extremely important that extreme caution is taken in the storage and preparation of the chicken.

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