Roasted red pepper-And-Vidalia Onion Gravy:

Non-Stick Aluminum Foil

black pepper

Dice 1 Onion Half; Set Aside.

Cut Remaining Onion Half Into Slices. Place Onion Slices And BellPepper, Cut Sides Down, on a Baking Sheet Lined With Non-StickAluminum Foil; Drizzle With oil, And Sprinkle With salt.Broil Onion Slices And bell pepper Halves 5 Inches From Heat About

  • 10 Minutes or Until bell pepper Looks Blistered. Place Bell PepperHalves in a Zip-Top Freezer Bag; Seal And Let Stand 10 Minutes ToLoosen Skin. Peel bell pepper Halves, And Dice 1 Half. Reserve DicedBell pepper And Remaining Half. Dice Roasted Onion, And Set Aside.Melt butter in a Large Skillet Over Medium-High Heat. Add ReservedDiced Raw Onion, And Saute 10 Minutes or Until Onion Begins ToBrown. Stir in flour; Cook, Stirring Constantly, 5 Minutes, or UntilFlour Mixture is Caramel-Colored. Stir in chicken broth And CreoleSeasoning. Reduce Heat to Medium, And Cook, Stirring Constantly,Until Thickened.

Process Gravy Mixture And Reserved bell pepper Half in a BlenderUntil Smooth, Stopping to Scrape Down Sides.

Combine Gravy Mixture, Reserved Diced Roasted bell pepper, DicedRoasted Onion, basil, And black pepper.

Yield: 3 Cups

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