[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Robiola Piemonte]]

Name Variations Edit

  • Langhe Robiola
  • Robiola delle Langhe
  • Robiola di Roccaverano
  • Robiola di Murazzano
  • Robiolina di Bosconero

About Robiola Piemonte Edit

Robiola Piemonte is a creamy fresh cheese from the Piedmond region of Italy which is often used for cooking. It's very good on pizza. It is also served as an antipasto along with olive oil and/or fresh herbs. It is generally hard to find in the U.S. Don't confuse this with robiola Lombardia, a soft cheese.

Substitutes for Robiola Piemonte include: equal parts ricotta and mascarpone or ricotta or mascarpone or chèvre or Caprini

Robiola Piemonte Recipes Edit

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