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In Romanian: Trandafiri

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  1. Beat the butter with the Sugar and vanilla until creamy. Refrigerate.
  2. Roll a rectangular sheet from the dough.
  3. Then spread, all over the sheet, the butter mixed with the Sugar.
  4. Roll like a jelly roll. Then cut 3 inch long pieces out of the roll.
  5. Place these pieces in a round baking pan.
  6. The baking pan is previously greased with butter and parchment paper, also greased, is placed in the pan.
  7. The dough pieces are placed so that the cut part is on the bottom and at the surface of the pan (like cinammon rolls).
  8. Let rise for a little while and bake at slow heat until well risen.
  9. Then increase the heat.
  10. Remove from the pan after they are cold.
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