Round Steak Superb

Cut Meat Into 2 or 3 Serving Pieces. Melt butter in Skillet And Add Meat And Brown on Both Sides. Pour Off Drippings. Season With salt, marjoram And pepper. Add Mushrooms With Liquid, Onion, garlic And Worcestershire. Cover And Simmer For 1 1/2 Hours or Until Meat is Tender. Remove Meat to Heated Platter. Stir sour cream And Cheese Into Pan Liquid. Heat Through, But do Not Boil. Serve Over Meat. Note: Meat Can be Cooked in a 325 Oven For 1 1/2 Hours if Desired. Add sour cream And Cheese to Skillet And Heat on Top of The Range. Serves 2 to 3

Source: Come Into The Kitchen

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