About Royal olive Edit

Olives are fruits that are provided by a small olive tree, which is original from Mediterranean parts, like Greece. The Greek olives are among the most famous ones, as they present many species and tastes. Among these, there is the royal olive, which is characterized by a large size and an interesting color: red-brown. The shape of this olive is oblong, sometimes slit and the appearance of the fruit is similar to the one of the kalamata olive. The royal olive fruit is very high in nutrients, because it contains potassium, phosphor, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C, E and F. Due to its color and firm inner flesh, the royal olive doesn’t contain many calories, as it is less oily and fresher than the black olives.

The taste of the royal olive is salty and the flesh is consistent and the fruit is mainly consumed fresh, whole or sliced – as it is found in oversize. The royal olives are used in various dishes, ranging from salads to snacks or pastas.

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