Rumaki, bite size morsels wrapped in bacon, may be prepared ahead. Blanch slices of bacon for a few minutes in boiling water to remove some of the fat. Cut bacon into strips long enough to wrap around the morsel several times. Secure with toothpick and refrigerate until ready to cook and serve. Rumaki may be cooked by baking or broiling in pan with rack or by barbecuing over coals until bacon is crisp. Meat and seafood rumaki may be deep fried in oil.Wrap bacon around any of the following: 1. shrimp sprinkled with ground ginger and cayenne or pepper 2. pitted ripe olives stuffed with sharp cheddar cheese 3. anchovy or pecan stuffed green olives marinated in dry vermouth 4. small fresh mushroom caps sprinkle with ground oregano and fresh lemon juice. Source: My Old Recipes

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