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A favourite traditional Estonian dish that most foreigners are understandably too squeamish to try is sült. Boiled Pork in jelly. The jelly is made by boiling the Pork bones, sometimes hooves and heads. It's often made in large batches, so many Estonian families have stories of jars and jars of solidifying. It all over the house.



1. Wash meat and put to boil in large pot. water must be cold when meat is added.

2. Remove foam when water starts to boil. Keep water just above the boiling point, allowing it to simmer.

3. After the first hour, add whole onions (tops and bottoms removed, but not peeled), garlic, and carrots.

4. Continue boiling until meat is loose from bones (three to four hours).

5. Add salt and spices 15 minutes before boiling process is finished.

6. Remove all meat and separate it from bones.

7. Cut meat into small pieces, mix with the liquid and heat to boiling point once more.


Pour sült mixture into several smaller bowls, and allow to harden in a cool place (five to eight hours).

Serve cold with horseradish or strong mustard, and with hot potatoes and pumpkin salad on the side.