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Sailfish, scientifically known as Istiophorus Plaptyterus, is a part of Istiophorus family. Sailfishes can be found in oceans all around the world and they are very similar to blue marlin. Sailfish is known to grow fast for about 1,2 to 1,5 meters in one year and they are considered to be the fastest fish because they swim at speeds of seventy kilometers per hour. Sailfish is a multicolor fish it has a blue color on top, a white color on bottom and a yellow long strip which separates the blue color from the top from the white color on the bottom. The blue upper jaw is very large and it has the form of a spear. The first dorsal has the form of a sail with numerous black spots and it is higher in the middle point then it continues increasing to the tail, while the body is covered with embedded scales. Its medium size is of about two meters. Sailfishes survive by feeding themselves with smaller pelagic fishes and squid either at mid-depths or on the surface. This specie has a long snout that extends into a larger bill.

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