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Salted duck egg

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Salted duck eggs or salted eggs (鹹鴨蛋, xían yā dàn) is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine, or packing each egg in damp salted charcoal. In Asian supermarkets, these eggs are often sold covered in a thick layer of salted charcoal paste. From the salt curing process, the salted duck eggs have a very liquid egg white, the yolk that is bright orange-red in colour, round, and firm in texture. The eggs have a briny aroma, and a sharp salty taste.

Salted duck eggs are normally boiled or steamed before being peeled and eaten as a condiment to congee or cooked with other foods as a flavorant. The orange red yolk is used in Chinese mooncakes to symbolize the moon.

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