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Pounded corn. In parts of central and southern Africa, corn is left on the stalk to dry out before being harvested. The resulting hard kernels are pounded in a mortar and pestle. After being soaked and cooked, rather like dried legumes, they are eaten with other foods. The classic - and highly nutritious - combination is samp and beans. You can make your own approximation of it with canned hominy and an equal part of dried beans.

  • Serves 6 – 8

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  1. Cook the beans, heat the hominy, and serve together. A cup of each will do for 6 – 8 people.
  2. If you’re determined to have the real thing, find field corn that has been dried on the stalk.
  3. Pop the brittle kernels off the cobs with your fingers and pound or grind them to loosen the tough husks.
  4. Put in a pot of cold water and skim off the husks that rise to the top.
  5. Soak for 2 days, drain, then spread one layer deep on a clean surface to dry in the sun.
  6. Store in a cool, dry place.
  7. To cook, put the kernels in enough water to cover and simmer for 2 – 3 hours, until tender.
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