Sattu - the flourEdit

It is a meal of parched grain in different parts of India like Bihar, UP and Punjab. It is a low budget but very nutritive meal consisting of flour of roasted Barley, wheat or rice or gram flour.

Sattu - the sweet in Bikaner Edit

'Sattu' a sweet meal of this desert region. A type of confection, consiting of flour of roasted wheat or rice or gram flour, powdered sugar and ghee (clarified butter), This bum shaped comfit is garnished with almonds and cardamoms and finally, the delicacy is coated by thin silver foil 'Verk'.

'Sattu' is a perfect blend of balanced nutrients and the best method of cooking - roasting. All components of raw food are intact, no loss of any nutrient instead their shelf - life is increased.<p> 'Sattu' is offered by the husband to his wife at moon rise of "Badi -Teej". Whole day the wife neither eats nor drinks, even the water. At night, she breaks her fast by accepting a bite from the offered sweet. Next course is of fruits served on a leaf of 'Aak' (an holy bush of the desert), followed by a cup of 'Phaddar'- a mock tail drink of beaten curd and sweetened milk. Lastly, a few drops of lime.

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