Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Directions[edit | edit source]

  1. Break the egg into a cup or small bowl and beat with a fork till the yolk and egg white is mixed.
  2. Put the salt in the egg mixture and stir.
  3. Cut tomato into slices.
  4. Cut up onion finely.
  5. Heat pan with oil in it on medium till oil starts to cook.
  6. Make sure the oil covers the entire pan.
  7. Pour egg mixture in pan and put the piece of bread on top immediately or it will not stick.
  8. Let it cook till the egg is golden brown on the one side and then flip it over.
  9. When the other side is crunchy as well take it out.
  10. Spread the mustard on the side of the bread with the egg on it.
  11. Add the remaining toppings and enjoy!.
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