Sawmill Gravy

This is Something That my Bil Did For us Thanksgiving Morning.. Yes The Man Cooks Better Than my Sister. LolGravy is Very Tricky to Make. For Those of You Who Know How to Make a Roux, Then, This Will be Easy. (for You Rednecks (me Lol) Out There, a Roux is a Hot Mixture of Fat And flour.) Anyway, This Recipe Will (possibly) Serve About 4 or so People (depending on How Big And How Hungry They Are).About 6 to 8 Tablespoons Hot Grease (preferably Sausage Drippings With Pieces of Sausage in It)About 4 to 6 Tablespoons self-rising flour (or Whatever You Have)salt And pepper to Taste

milk (about 2 or 3 Cups)

The Grease Should be Hot And in a Large Skillet And Over Medium Heat. (to Help You Measure: i Let The Grease Cover The Bottom of my 12-Inch Skillet).

Add The flour (the Amount of flour Should be About 3/4 The Amount of The Grease) And Bring to a Hearty Simmer And Cook Until The flour is Golden. if You Undercook This, Your Roux Will Taste Like flour And Grease, Yuck. Season With salt And pepper. When You Are Satisfied With The Color of Your Roux, Reduce The Heat to Low And Slowly Add Your milk.

When i Was Growing Up, we Didn't Have a Lot of Money And milk Was Expensive, so my Daddy Would Mix water With The milk. You Can do This or Not. Stir This Mixture Constantly, if You Don't You Will Have Lumpy Gravy And Your Family Will Never Let You Live it Down.

Bring This Roux-milk Mixture to a Boil; After Simmering For About Ten Minutes or So, This Mixture Will Firm Up. if it Firms up Too Fast, Remove it From The Heat And Add a Little milk or water to Thin. Re-Season It, And Pour Over Momma's Biscuits or Just Refridgerator Biscuits.

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