About scalded milkEdit

Scalded milk is milk that has been heated to 82°C / 180°F. At this temperature, bacteria and enzymes in the milk are destroyed. Since most milk sold today is pasteurized, which accomplishes both of these goals, milk is typically scalded simply to increase its temperature, or to change the consistency due to the denaturing of proteins.

Uses for scalded milk Edit

  • Scalded milk is called for in the original recipes for béchamel sauce, to prevent the sauce from thickening excessively. Since these early recipes predate pasteurization, this was a necessary step.
  • Scalded milk is used in bread to make a more tender loaf.
  • Scalded milk is used in yogurt to make the proteins unfold. The acid produced during the yogurt development causes less whey separation and a firmer yogurt.
  • Café au lait, baked milk, and ryazhenka also use scalded milk.
  • Scalded milk is used in many doughnut recipes.
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