Scorpion Fish

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This category belongs to the family Scorpaenidae that no less than 48 genera and 380 species. Scorpionfishes are recognized after their large, heavily ridged and spined heads. One important particularity is represented by the fact that they have venomous spines on their back and fins with a groove and venom sack. In order to match their surroundings better, scorpionfishes can easily change their colour. Scorpion fishes usually live on or near the bottom and lie in caves, crevices and under overhangs, being found in Red Sea, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Hawaii, as well as in Caribbean. Moreover, they feed on fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans, adopting a lie-in-wait strategy. Some species such as the weed scorpionfish sway their bodies from side to side in order to resemble a piece of debris. Scorpionfishes are not aggressive at all but when they are threatened they will always erect their dorsal spines. They produce a gelatinous floating mass in which the eggs are embed. Scorpionfishes have a reddish to brownish colour.

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