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This recipe came from an estate sale. I obtained it when I purchased the family collection from the Partain Estate in Dallas, Texas in 1988.

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  1. Tear greens into large pieces then wash well in a sink full of cold water then drain well.
  2. Lift the greens out of the sink and transfer to a large bowl.
  3. In a large pot combine onions, 2 cups water, oil and jalapenos then bring to a boil over high heat then gradually stir in the greens allowing each batch to wilt before adding more greens.
  4. Bury turkey wing in the simmering greens then season with salt and pepper.
  5. Cover and reduce heat to medium low.
  6. Cook stirring occasionally just until the greens are tender.
  7. Remove turkey wing and discard skin and bones.
  8. Chop meat and return to pot.
  9. Using a slotted spoon transfer greens to a serving dish and serve immediately.
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