Sea grape

Sea grape

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  • green caviar

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Caulerpa lentillifera is one of the favored species of edible Caulerpa due to its soft and succulent texture. They are also known as sea grapes, although they are unrelated to the seagrape, and green caviar; also "ar-arosep" in the Philippines.

The pond cultivation of C. lentillifera has been very successful on Mactan Island, Cebu, in the central Philippines, with markets in Cebu and Manila. About 400 ha of ponds are under cultivation, producing 12-15 tonnes of fresh seaweed per hectare per year. They are also eaten in Okinawa, where they are known as umi-budō (海ぶどう?), lit. "sea grapes".

C. lentillifera can be eaten raw as a snack or used as a kind of vegetable to make salad.

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