Sea squirt

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The sea squirt, also known as tunicate or urochordata, is member of chordate phylum of animalia kingdom. The sea squirt is an invertebrate which attaches on pilings, oyster shell and stones. The sea squirt can be found in all seas and oceans where they can find something to attach on. Sea squirts spend they life attached on hard objects after reaching maturity. The adult sea squirt apparently looks like a potato with tough coat and it contains two holes- recurrent and incurrent siphons- which allow water to enter and leave their body. Through the incurrent siphon the water as well as the food enters in their body, and it is thrown out through the anus and out the excurrent siphon. Generally the sea squirt is hermaphroditic species which means that they have both a female and a male reproductive organ which generates ovules and sperm. Sea squirts spawn by releasing both the ovuls and the sperm in the water. There are some species of sea squirt which reproduce asexually. Sea squirts have an average length of approximately two inches. All tunicate have a yellowish to grey-green color.

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