Seafood Salad Sandwich

Servings: 2


1 package GORTON'S Garlic Butter Grilled Fillets 1 celery stalk, chopped 1 carrot, chopped 1/4 cup onion, chopped 1/4 tsp garlic, chopped 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1 Tbsp fresh mint, chopped Lettuce 2 submarine rolls


Cook GORTON'S Garlic Butter Grilled Fillets per instructions on package. Cut cooked Grilled Fillets into small pieces. Mix all remaining ingredients (except lettuce & rolls) in a bowl and add the cooked Grilled Fillet pieces. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Place salad in a sub roll with 1-2 leafs of lettuce and serve immediately. Salad may be kept in refrigerator for 3 days.

Notes: Use one teaspoon dried mint in place of the fresh mint, if desired.

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