Seracena olives

Seracena olive

About Seracena olives Edit

The Seracena olives are the traditional olives that are used in the Seracena dishes. The European olives, such as the Seracena olives are called olea europaea and they are characterized by a dark grey or green color in a moderate size, and less oily than the black ones. Basically, olives are fruits, although they have a sour and salty taste. Another interesting fact when talking about olives is the fact that the green olives are just immature black olives. Still, the number of calories is much lower in the case of the green olives and these ones will not produce the famous olive oil, as they are fresher and have a much firmer flesh.

The Seracena olives are used in Italian specialties, including cold appetizers, as the topping for warm main courses, and as salads or in garnishes. Sometimes, these kinds of olives are used simply for decorating salads and various meals. There is also the famous Seracena olive oil, which is very refined and delicate and used for many salads.

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