Sevillano olives

Sevillano olive

About Sevillano olive Edit

Olives are species of small trees in the family oleaceae (which produce oil), with origins in the warm areas on the Mediterranean Sea, like Greece and Turkey. The sizes, forms and colors of these fruits range from pale green to bluefish-black and from tiny and round to oversized and oval. There are also some rare species of purple olives, with shiny aspects and bitter tastes. The olive fruit is very high in nutrients, because it contains potassium, phosphor, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C, E and F. The calories are around 224 on the 100 g, but the olive oil is much higher in calories (around 900). Due to all their properties, the olives, including the Sevillano olives, are very efficient for the inside and outside health and beauty of the body, as their oil is the base for various cosmetics, as well.

Some of the most representative meals that include the Sevillano olives are the pastas with sour cream and olives, the greens and cheese salads and the pizzas with topped Sevillano olives.

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