Teriyaki is one of the most loved food preparation methods in Japanese Cuisine. This cooking technique involves grilling and broiling food items to perfection while glazing them with a delicious and flavourful mix of soy sauce, mirin and sugar. The dish is so popular you can find it even at popular resort properties the likes of [ Berjaya Langkawi Resort]. Find below a recipe of a delicious teriyaki-style dish below which you can easily make from the comfort of your home.


·         Salmon Fillet                                         200gm

·         Japanese Steamed Rice                        100gm

·         [ Teriyaki Sauce]                                      40ml

·         Lemon                                                  40gm

·         Red Cabbage                                        20gm

·         Carrot                                                   20gm

Preparation method

1.     Place the Salmon fillet under the salamander and wait until it is medium-cooked.

2.     Use the brush to apply some [ teriyaki sauce] to the fillet

3.     Grill again until it is adequately cooked

4.     Make 2 triangle-shaped pieces using steamed rice and arrange them on a plate

5.     Lay the cooked salmon fillet on the rice.

6.     Brush the salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce again.

7.     Garnish with lemon wedges, shredded carrots and red cabbage.

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