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Shimeji mushrooms are exclusively found in Japan and they are exported in countries all over the world. Shimeji mushrooms are a part of Pleurotaceae family which contains oyster mushrooms. Shimeji mushrooms represent actually a whole family of mushrooms which contains about twenty species of mushrooms with diverse characteristics and for that they are very much confused one with another. Shimeji mushrooms have a fresh, nutty and rich flavor and a solid crusty texture and they are available all year. These mushrooms grow in clusters and generate caps which may differ from white to beige. They are considered to be the tastiest mushrooms from all Pleuotaceae family. Although they are very appreciated in Japanese cuisine as well as in the international cuisine, these mushrooms brought important benefits in the Japanese medicine where they are considered to have medicinally active ingredients which fight against tumor. Because they are very fragile, shimeji mushrooms have to be cleaned with in a small quantity of water otherwise the absorption of water may destroy their integrity.

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