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 1/2 cup Mit'in Shiro, (see Recipe)

Directions Edit

  1. Fry onions with oil in pan until brown. Add water and let it boil. Sprinkle Mit'in Shiro a little at a time, stirring to prevent lumps. Add spices and cook until sauce is smooth and thick.About 25 minitues. Remove from heat. Shiro Wet can be served hot. If you wish to serve it hot heat slowly over a small flame.
  2. This recipe serves 2-4 people.
  3. NOTES : Shiro Wat is the staple Wat. Shero Wat is made from powdered Peas.
  4. In Ethiopia every family keeps a supply of powered, spiced, hot ground pea= s known as Mit'in Shiro. You can buy it at an Ethiopian grocery or make it from scratch (make sure to buy Mit'in Shiro which includes the hot pepper and spices). If you use this recipe your family will also have a large supply Mit'in Shiro.
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