About Sicilian oliveEdit

The Sicilian olive is a type of olive which is used in the Sicilian cuisine and regional dishes of Italy. The Sicilian olives have a salty taste and a medium size and they are actually fruits, like all the olive species. Olives are species of some small trees in the family oleaceae (which produce oil), with origins in the Mediterranean regions. Their particularities, such as sizes, forms and colours range from pale green to bluefish-black and from tiny and round to oversized and oval. The Sicilian olives are green and oval and contain fewer calories than the black oily ones.

There are many dishes that include the Nasty olives, like the prosciutto funghi pizza, the mozzarella pizza, the chicken salad with Parmesan cheese and mushrooms, the spaghetti carbonara or various pastas. A popular recipe is the Sicilian olive salad, which includes various greens and herbs under the sliced green Sicilian olives in their own juice. There is also the famous Sicilian olive oil, with is very refined and delicate and used for many salads.

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