Onigiri doesn't have to be fancy. With just rice, nori and perhaps a filling, this portable lunch snack is good to go. This is also a great project to do with young children (though be wary of choking hazards) and culinary artists.


Onigiri Molds can be found on online stores like Amazon, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ingredients Edit

  1. Cooked Sticky Rice (regular, sushi, jasmine, or brown work. Brown requires extra cooking time and water to make sticky.)
  2. Nori (a flat, versatile seaweed, often found at Asian or specialty markets)
  3. Fillings (pickled plum, fish, etc)

Directions Edit

  1. Prepare rice of choice according to package directions. Make sure it's sticky and dense.
  2. Cool down rice. When rice is cool enough to work with, get out the molds (if using) and seaweed.
  3. Cut the seaweed into desired shapes. Mold the rice, then put on the seaweed.
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