[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Slipper (Squat) Lobster]]

About Slipper (Squat) Lobster Edit

Slipper lobster member of family Nephropidae and its latin name is Homarinus capensis. These animals look like lobsters, but they’re more closely related to hermit crabs. Different their relatives, squat lobsters don’t carry shells on their backs. As a substitute, they squeeze into crevices and leave their sharp claws exposed to keep neighboring lobsters away. Squat lobsters also hide under rocks to protect their bodies. Protected from hungry fishes, they wait for snacks to settle nearby those claws are ideal for reaching out and picking up food. They use their claws to scrape up sand and sift for sunken snacks. They scoop up muddy or sandy deposits and sort out not poisonous bits with their mouth parts; they also feed on superior food items. Squat lobsters’ arms are able to grow to be some times their body length. Squat lobsters occasionally steal food from sea anemones. Slipper lobster has dark brown shells with hooked peaks that face backward. On the in the interior of the shells, white shelves curved forward at both ends protect the slipper snails’ delicate soft body parts.

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