Snow pea shoots or sprouts

Name variations Edit

  • snow pea shoots
  • dau miu

About Snow pea sprouts Edit

Snow pea sprouts or shoots are part of the snow pea plant which is also known under the scientific name pisum sativum. Being an Asian plant, the snow pea shoots has various Asian names: the Chinese call it dow miu, the Japanese name it tobyo and in Philippines, it is known as sitsaro talbos. In these cuisines, the pea shoots are very significant aliments and they are included in the local traditional meals. Shoots are basically the plants that grow above the soil and the snow peas are one of the most popular species of shoots. The shoots are produced rapidly, in 8 to 14 days, depending on the climate and fertility of the ground and the best ones are robust, with a firm consistency. Due to the fact that is very low in fats and calories, the snow pea shoots are used in low calorie diets and in vegetarian meals.

The snow pea sprouts have a tender flesh, which is delicious if it is stir-fried and topped with garlic or soy sauce (called tamari in the Asian cuisine) and spices, like ginger.

Snow pea sprout Recipes Edit

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