Soft-shell Clam

Name variations Edit

  • Manninose
  • piss-clam
  • long-neck clam
  • steamer
  • Ispwich clam
  • belly clam

About Soft-shell Clam Edit

Soft shell clams have a variety of names such as Manninose, piss-clam, long-neck clam, steamer, Ispwich clam and belly clam. Soft-shell clams have shells that are very slim comparing to hard clam. Due to the fact that the shells are fragile they can be easily broken. The shells have a white color and they are extended. Because the clam doesn’t completely enter the shell some parts of the clam such as the siphon or the neck hang out. The soft-shell clams sizes can vary from two inches to five inches. The soft-shell clam can be found into fine sand or sandy mud substrates from the intertidal zone. They usually inhabit waters which have about eight or fourteen inches deep. Soft shell clam is generally found on the Atlantic coasts and in numerous locations on the Pacific coast, although they are very common in Maryland and New Jersey as well. The soft-shell clam, also known as the longneck clam, or steamer, buries itself in the mud to depths from ten to thirty centimeters. The soft-shell clams shell has a dirty white color and it has an oval-shape of about seven to fifteen centimeters.

Types of soft-shell clam Edit

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