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Solomon Islands - Cooking and Food[edit | edit source]

Overview of Solomon Island Cuisine History[edit | edit source]

The most probably moment that the Solomon Islands were discovered was about 5.000 years ago. Since then many people visited these lands and left their own mark over these Islands cuisine. First influences came from the Spanish people who introduced this country to the costume of growing and eating cattle. Asian and Indian people added to the Solomon Islands cuisine all kind of special ingredients, spices and exotic vegetables and fruits. Chefs all over this country prefers to stick and respect all the old traditions and customs preparing dishes in unique ways and with exquisite flavors. Somewhere at the beginning of the 19th century, this country was ruled by the English and due to this fact this country cuisine suffered many improvements. Nowadays, the Solomon Islands is a country where the main occupations of the natives are fishing and agriculture. Due to the agricultural sector coconuts, cassava, sweet potatoes, and a large variety of fruits and vegetables are being produced.

Cuisines of Solomon Islands[edit | edit source]

Map of Solomon Islands- Click to enlarge

What is the food?? of cooking techniques such as baking, boiling or frying. Special dishes are made using all kinds of ingredients. Fish meat is a staple in the Solomon Islands cuisine. Usually any meat is cooked and served with sweet potatoes, rice, taro roots cassava, taro leaves and many other vegetables. Beside the local traditional cuisine many dishes from both European and Asian culture can be easily found and served in any restaurant or household of this country. Also very famous in this country is the breadfruit or the locals call it Ulu. The breadfruit can be served with any dish. A famous local dessert is made by mixing bananas with many other exotic fruits, and wrapped in pearl cassavas and served with whipped cream or caramel. ;)

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