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Directions[edit | edit source]

  1. Put the meat in a pot on medium-low heat and dry the water already present in it stirring constantly to prevent burning along with salt, pepper and haldi.
  2. When water dries add green chile, Onion and dhuniya and dry water on high heat and remove.
  3. Cut sheets of thawed egg-roll dough into strips about 3 by 6 inches. Fold one point up to form a triangular pocket. Folk over again, and then fill the pocket with some of the meat mixture. Bring down the top and seal all open sides with a paste made of flour and water (mix some flour dissolved in a little water and cooked into a thick paste). You should end up with a neat, secure triangle of meat-stuffed pastry.
  4. Deep-fat fry filled samosas, a few at a time, in oil, until golden brown. Drain and keep warm.
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