Name Variations

  • jowar flour
  • jowari flour
  • juwar flour
  • cholam flour
  • milo

About Sorghum flour

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Flour is a rusty hued color with flecks of cream and dark. The taste is faintly sweet in most products, and in taste is the most like wheat of all our flours. This is probably due to the fact that milo is a grain, that is, a member of the grass family. It makes all products very nice tasting, the only drawback to this flour is that baked products tend to crumble easily; thus they must be handled very gently.

Milled from pearl-grains, tiny greenish tan grains are sort of like a kernel of kernel, but indented on side. It can be purchased whole or dried.

Jowar flour is used for coating the outside of food before frying to get a crispy outside

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