Soul Satisfying Chili

1 pound ground beef (can be 1/2 ground turkey) 1 white onion, chopped 1 can red beans, drained and rinsed (16 oz) 1 can tomatoes, pureed with liquid (16 oz) 1 cup water 1 T. white vinegar 1 T. sugar 3 T. chili powder or to taste Salt and pepper to taste

Brown meat in skillet, mashing into small bits as it cooks. Drain in colander. Saute onion until tender. Cover onions with meat and cook until onions are limp. Stir in remaining ingredients, cover and simmer at least one hour. Correct seasonings. Can be made in any multiple as long as you keep the ratio of sugar, vinegar and meat the same. Additional beans are not needed when using 2 pounds of meat. All beef chili is better the next day. Ground turkey needs more chili powder when reheated. freezes well. Makes 4 servings. Source:Unknown

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